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Stay Accountable and Get Results | taught by Dave Fuller

Course description

Are You Ready to Be Accountable to Focusing on the Right Things?

The ABC Business Support Program will work for you!

First of all, this is not a course, this is a business coaching program unlike any other!  Designed with intention to give you 3 benefits of coaching (Accountability, Business Essentials and Community) at a price that works!

It can be tough being a business leader and having limited support.  This program is for people like you who want to move things forward but need someone backing them up.

It’s a Business Support Program for people like you who know they want their businesses to move forward but so often get caught up in the details.

It’s a program that forces you to focus on what you need to be doing each and every week to be successful

Its business training that is there when you need it…

and a community of support for those months when you feel isolated or need to be inspired.

Its called the ABC Business Support program because its focused on 3 areas, Accountability, Business Essentials and community. 

Here is what the 3 things that you will gain if you join the ABC Coaching Program

  • AccountabilityEach Friday afternoon I will send you an email with 3 questions My clients get results because I keep them accountable! The core of this program is that I will do the same for you.  
    • What did you do this week?
    • What are you going to do next week?
    • Is there anything else on your mind or that you want to share?

Its that simple.  You spend 10 minutes answering the questions or less and reply to me. On Monday or Tuesday in the following week, I will get back to you personally with some comments or insights.

  • Business Essentials- I know some of you have started your business because you are passionate about what you do, but you might not have all the tools you need to understand how your business works and what you can do to tune it up.  I will include links in the weekly email to the business videos and pdf’s, best practices, and systems, that are linked to the theme of the month.  Whether you use them is totally up to you and your need for that knowledge.
  • Community – It can be lonely running a business and this group enables you to share your stories and hear what others are going through our monthly call in.  Join or not each month its totally up to you, but some of the best insights are when we are helping others out!

Why This Program Works!

The core focus is you and what you are going to do in the upcoming week and what you did last week. By making small incremental changes your business will actually move forward, not remain stuck.  

You Have Accountability to someone outside your company!  I am going to be looking for your emails.  By telling me about your plans and therefore sharing them with someone else who will work to keep you moving forward is not only transformational, its liberating!

You are paying the Fee to join this program and have some skin in the game.

You Clear the Head Space- Your weekly brain dump ensures that you are focused for the coming week and free from nagging worries about if you got it all done.

Yes, the information from the other part of the program you will learn is going to definitely help you, but the weekly focus on your business and your actions is going to make a big difference for you.

So How Much is it? - That Depends!

 I want you to get results and I want to make it work financially for you I am going to charge

The Full ABC Business Support Program is  $97/month for 1-year commitment. (101.85 includes GST) or if you pay all at once $997 for the year which works out to $19.17/week to keep you on track and educated.

 2 or More people from the same company =25% off – Use coupon code 2+

Just Accountability? Feel that you only want to use the accountability part of the program Use coupon code 79 and pay $79/mo plus GST ($82.95)

Just education and community? $49/mo plus gst ($51.45) use code 49

Bulk Enrollment? Have numerous members of your organization that need support?  Lets talk email me

Why So Cheap for Private Coaching?  Good question, there are people like you who want to try me out before they jump in the deep and so they should.  Also, there are others that do really have small businesses and can’t afford or need the 1x1 coaching that I offer.

Its not scalable for me, each Monday and Tuesday I sit down and reply to your emails individually, but helping people get results with their businesses is something that I love.

Its for one year only…. You sign up and we do this, you reply to my emails and I keep you accountable.   I won’t try to sell you anything else and at the end its finished.

Its Guaranteed– You sign up and I will start sending you emails each and every Friday for one year to help you get great results.   If you are not noticing a difference and Earning More and Worrying Less, I will refund your money. Just ask!

Frequently asked Questions

Does Dave actually look at my emails?

Yes, and only Dave – it’s a confidential process that involves his eyes only. And Dave himself will actually reply to your questions!

Will Dave reply to my emails outside of the weekly Friday check in?

If you want to become a one to one client of Dave’s or join one of his advisory boards, he will do that and more.  Those annual packages that include unlimited phone calls and email support start around $1000. Per month. Email for more information about becoming a private client.

Who Hosts the Monthly Group Sessions and how long do they last?

Dave hosts the monthly sessions which are 90 minutes long and on the second Tuesday of the month.  Dave uses Zoom to interact with participants and discuss the theme, challenges and opportunities each month.

What if I don’t want the group sessions or business notes? You don’t have to make use of anything outside of the accountability process if you don’t think it will apply to you.  I can tell you though that my clients have got results from these calls and they do work.

Does this process work?

Yes, if you take 10 minutes each week to answer the questions and move your business forward you will get results.

What happens when I sign up today? 

Once you pay the incredibly low fee to join the BEAR mastermind, you will get an email right away from Dave and this Friday and every Friday for the next year, you will get an email from Dave asking you to report in!

Do You have any Testimonials about your work?

You bet see below!

What People are Saying!

Dave, I love your academy and find it of great value to stay motivated and focused on important things to make businesses run smooth and effective. There are always so many little details and it is good to hear from other business owners, who share their experience, strengths and struggles to help us grow. Kathy Hart

The Profit Yourself Healthy Academy Program includes regular interactive webinars on business concepts like strategic planning, budgeting, advertising, sales training, reporting structure and systems development. This course has helped our team learn the necessary business fundamentals, while taking full accountability, to create a profitable and fulfilling company. Natalie Friese

"I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the online Profit Yourself Healthy Group coaching, that our business has doubled it's bottom line" - CT Ontario

"Dave has been helping me guide my small business from being a company that sells on price to one that sells on experience and quality. He asks simple but direct questions that have you really think about who you are targeting, what you are selling and why they should care. My monthly billing has increased on average by 50%." Matt

"Dave has a perfect blend between encouraging us and challenging us to really push our boundaries. We have seen a substantial increase in sales, revenue and profit since our sessions with Dave. Most importantly, as a business owner, he allows us to take a step back and see things more strategically than we can when running the day-to-day business." Louis B London England

" As the owners of a contracting company with 10 employees, we have been working with Dave for the past year in trying to take our business to the next level. As a result of Dave's programs we have doubled the amount of income that we took home this year over the previous year and our stress levels have dropped significantly"  D&J December 2018

Dave did a fantastic job of presenting the online group Coaching course. He keeps it simple and straightforward. I do not see how anyone could come away from the sessions without picking up a handful of key and useful points to help build your business. Bob.H. Manitoba

Dave Fuller
Dave Fuller
Award Winning Business Coach and Strategist

My name is Dave Fuller and I am an Award Winning Business Coach and the author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy. Yes, I do have an MBA and am a Certified Professional Business Coach but, like you, I am a small business owner. I have owned several small businesses with up to 50 employees doing millions of dollars in sales a year. I know what it’s like to struggle in business, but I also know what it’s like to make wonderful profits. I have used my profits to employ more people to do my work so I could: spend more time with my family and friends, go back to school and get an MBA, travel, enjoy holidays, and put money away for my retirement. 

As a Small Business Coach, I love to see my clients change their lives by improving their businesses and making them profitable. It is so gratifying to hear a client contact me and tell me how much of a difference my work has made in their life! I personally guarantee that you will get results from the programs or you will get your money back!


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